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Property ID:
SAI KUNG Ref No.: 008508
- Prestigious Villa House W/Fascinating;
- Surrounded By Greenery;
- Over HK$2.5M worth of Decoration;......

Saleable Area (sq. ft.): 1232 sq.ft.
Gross Area (sq. ft.): 1908 sq.ft.
For Sale: HKD 25.8M
SAI KUNG Ref No.: 001435
- Hottest Location;
- Parking Spaces In Private Gate;
- Nice & Recent Renovated;......

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2100 sq.ft.
For Sale: HKD 21.5M
CLEAR WATER BAY Ref No.: 011918
- Fully Detached Hse With Huge Gdn;
- Expatriate Community;......

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2100 sq.ft.
For Sale: HKD 38M
For Rent: HKD 100K
CLEAR WATER BAY Ref No.: 005892
- Cliff Dream House;
- Truly Rare On Market;
- Stand Alone & Utmost Privacy;
- Beautiful Landscaped Garden With An Infinity Swimming Pool And Po......

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2800 sq.ft.
Garden (sq. ft.): 53000 sq.ft.
For Sale: HKD 138M
SAI KUNG Ref No.: 004681
- Peaceful Environment & Relaxing;
- Stand Alone House;......

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2100 sq.ft.
For Sale: HKD 69M
For Rent: HKD 180K
CLEAR WATER BAY Ref No.: 004732
- Expatriate Community;
- Panoramic Sea View;
- The Spacious Sitting/ Dining Room Leading To A Huge Indeed Garden With Swimming Pool;
- Exceptio......

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2100 sq.ft.
For Sale: HKD 78M
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